Mainteno’s service is designed to fully support your organisation’s use of the Mainteno CAFM and CMMS and system.


We begin by talking to you about your organisation. We will discuss the scale of your operation, the staff structure, the type of maintenance undertaken, and what you require the software to do. If you’re utilising asset tracking, we’ll also discuss the number and nature of your assets. Once we understand your maintenance management and asset-tracking needs, we customise Mainteno to give you the most usable system for your organisation.


We believe Mainteno is the most intuitive and straightforward system of its kind. Nevertheless, we offer training for all levels of user to ensure that you’re getting the most from the software.

Help with migrating to Mainteno

We realise that after training, you might need additional help getting used to your new system. From ‘how-do-I?’ questions through to further tweaks to your interface, our team will see your organisation through that transition.

Ongoing support

Our service ensures that there’s prompt, efficient help with any aspect of the system. If your organisation expands or changes direction, your maintenance management needs may change too. The Mainteno team can adjust your interface accordingly. You’ll also receive any necessary upgrades or security information.